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A Timeless Trend of 2018

by Fadcloset CS |


Winters are mostly everyone’s favourites. With chilly winds, soft sunlight and loads of warm clothes to keep us warm, there is not a single person who does not love the comfort of their warm jackets in the winter season.

Womens Bomber Jackets

Gloves, mufflers, scarves, and boots are all-time favourites, and it is impossible for us to imagine a winter without the help of any of these to get us by. However, when it comes to a favourite choice for jackets, be it for men or for women, bomber Jackets dominate the choices! With many years since its initial design, the jacket still ends up being an all-time favourite.

It is safe to say that, although we are in 2018, bomber jackets are still the one timeless trend that makes everyone go bonkers!

History of Bomber Jackets

The timeless trend for 2018 and for the many years to come, bomber Jacket made its first appearance around 1932. The jackets were released for the American Air Troops. Ever since its inception, the design was what made this kind of jackets stand apart.

Womens Bomber Jackets

They had rounded collars, quilted material with many pockets. The many pockets were made and incorporated for the ease of the fighters, pilots, and the soldiers. The pockets allowed them to keep many things without carrying too many bags. However, the popularity of these jackets was not limited to the wars and gained mass popularity after the First World War and has remained ever since then.

There are many kinds of bomber jackets now, both for men and for women. Women's Bomber Jackets are no different from the ones for men. However, the design may vary. But then again, it is a matter of choice.

Do you need one?

Well, honestly that is not even a valid question. Women's bomber jackets are a universal choice for all kinds of people. With that in mind, here are some reasons why women and men, both seem to love the pretty jackets:

  • Style: There is nothing better than a bomber to get the mean look you need. Be it a solid color or something else, bombers are simply amazing and add value to your style quotient.

Mens Bomber Jackets

  • Goes with Everything: It is hard to find something that fits every piece of cloth you own. But with a bomber, you can easily mix and match, and always end up with the perfect look. Isn’t that a treat?
  • Warmth: Can anyone deny that these jackets are undeniably warm. You do not need extra layers, just throw a bomber on, and you’re all set.
  • Spacious: If you’re one of those who needs too much of space when you need to move or go out, then why waste money on bags and other accessories, when you can get a bomber?

With many reasons and through sheer simplicity, bomber jackets seem to be the number one choice for many people around the world. Be it a man or a woman, these types of jackets suit all and is loved by all. If you plan on getting something for yourself during the winter, get a bomber!








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