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How to Take Care of your Leather Jacket?

by Carson eCommerce Collaborator |

When the winter season comes around, and we are busy buying new winter clothes, we often forget to take care of clothes and our winter wear, especially our leather materials.

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Leather jackets are one of our favourites, and it would be sad if your leather jacket gets ruined or damaged. Most of us aren’t even aware of how to go about taking care of our leather jackets, but with a few simple steps mentioned here, you can take care of your leather jackets without any problems.

How to Take Care of your Leather Jacket?

Here are some simple steps to help you take care of your leather jackets:

  • Making your Jacket Water Resistant: There are various products out there, which can be used for making your leather jacket water resistant. You can use the products such as silicone polymer spray or acrylic copolymer sprays. These sprays help you maintain the quality as well as the shine of your leather jacket.

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Remember not to use grease based products as they hamper your jacket’s longevity.

  • Using Leather Conditioners: Leather conditioners are a good way of retaining your jacket’s natural shine and lustre. These products may come in various sizes, and you can choose the one you feel is right for your jacket. However, it must be remembered that you should apply leather conditioners only when your jacket feels dry or stiff.
  • Use Polish: Your leather jacket may lose its shine over a period of time, but it is possible for you to take care of your leather jacket’s shine by using a polish occasionally. Remember to not use shoe polish ever. Shoe polishes are not meant for leather jackets, and they will definitely hamper with your jacket’s quality.

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  • Remove Deposits: Many times you will find various kinds of salts and deposits on your leather jacket, be sure to remove them. And remember to remove them only with a damp cloth and nothing else. Let the leather dry in air and apply conditioner to the spots you cleaned off.

Additional Tip: Whenever your leather jacket becomes wet, for whatever reasons, let the jacket air dry only. Do not use dryers or other artificial means for drying your leather products, these methods may create cracks and will definitely damage your leather’s quality.

Apart from this remember to read the labels of the products you use. Furthermore, remember, at all times, that you are to use only those products which are meant for leather goods or specifically for leather jackets. Read the instructions carefully before you apply the products to your jacket.

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Although it is important to take care of your leather jacket, it does not mean that you can avoid taking care of other winter wear items. A leather jacket or Mens Leather Coat or a simple woollen jumper; it is important for you to always take care of them. Remember to store your winter wear properly and clean them as per their requirement to avoid spoiling them.

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