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The Evolution of Leather Bomber Jackets for Women

by Fadcloset CS |


The histories of certain apparel-forms are truly fascinating. Here we will take a look at clothes that meant way more than a mere fashion-statement. Clothes have challenged the conventional norms of identity, of womanhood and the stereotypical aspects of society altogether.

Womens Bomber Jackets


Leather jackets for women weren't really accepted when it first surfaced in the market a century ago. Women’s Bomber Jackets were interpreted as taboo and unacceptable, much like the dominant aspect of patriarchy that was prevalent during such times.

Where it all started


Bomber jackets were first manufactured for the army, specifically for the air-force, along-with other jackets for men, bikers and companies such as Harley Davidson. Schott Bros were responsible for manufacturing and expanding the market for this outfit during that period and they have ever since produced amazing outfits for over a hundred years.


However, the history of this apparel is somewhat revolutionary as well as controversial. Apart from biker gangs the outfit was worn by hard rock, heavy metal and punk bands whose lyrical content were as rebellious as the way they dress.

Womens Bomber Jackets


Over-time this form of clothing got associated with rebels who would criticize society for their flaws, for instance the bands we discussed above. Women and children were barred from wearing such clothes during the late 50's and 60's, almost up until the 70's.


Whereas for the ladies who wore such outfits, they were seen as spoilt ones who would sleep anywhere with anyone or perhaps get high on drugs, alcohol, so on and forth. The bottom-line is that such an outfit created a personality which conventional society would negate with everything they have! All this absurdity when modernity was at its primitive stages along-with urbanization.

How did the change come about?


Well, it’s a fact that ideas change as time progresses. No wonder we have witnessed numerous updates with the human school of thought over the decades with the introduction of new concepts, philosophy and ideology. Similarly, as time progressed people started viewing such clothing forms in a far better way than it was hitherto seen.


Jackets never got the worthy recognition at the beginning. Only selective people wore them and the rest either did not want to wear them because it would make them look like rockstar/biker wannabes or were restricted by their elders, family, etc.


From the US Army to rock bands, bikers and adventure-seekers these apparel forms have truly come a long way for obtaining social approval. But now the rise in the jacket-market is astounding! Schott informed the Business Insider Magazine about their lucrative success by the start of the 21st century.

Womens Bomber Jackets


The production and profit-margins of such outfits have been skyrocketing since the last couple of years and people worldwide prefer wearing them for almost every sort of occasion. The stereotypes have been abolished, people have broadened their mentality and hence everyone wears it as a remarkable fashion-statement nowadays.

What can we conclude?


Such outfits have always provided a classy look. It creates a unique appearance, somewhat adventurous, simple yet classic to the bone! There is comfort in wearing such clothes and maintenance is also quite easier as compared to other fabrics.


The history is marked by segregation, stereotypes and generalization of rebels but now, after almost a century, such outfits have finally been appreciated and now people all around the globe are fond of wearing such apparel forms, not simply for looks but for creating a distinguished personality amidst public spaces.













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